Wedding restaurants: Sankt Peterburg, Plovdiv

6 November 2013

Wedding in Sankt Peterburg Plovdiv Inanna wedding agencyAfter reviewing some of the most popular wedding venues in Sofia, we will present you a Plovdiv restaurant. Our first wedding in Plovdiv was quite an organizational challenge, but the professionalism of hotel Sankt Peterburg greatly eased the process.

Location: Inanna rating 8/10  – It’s quite difficult for a man from Gabrovo, living in Sofia, to objectively assess a Plovdiv location, but I’ll try anyway. The hotel is located on a very busy and accessible boulevard.  It takes 10 minutes to reach the hotel from the old town in Plovdiv and from the city center. The big parking lot provides another location red point for convenience.

Interior: Inanna rating 9/10 – The very presentable main restaurant of Sankt Peterburg is on two levels and can accommodate up to 500 guests. The business restaurant, where our venue was located, has the capacity of up to 100 guests, but our recommendation is for not more than 80. The deep red color of the walls and the carpet adds an aristocratic touch to the atmosphere, but limits the wedding colors you can choose. The two restaurants have separate entrances, which is very convenient if there are two wedding at the same day in Sankt Peterburg.

Wedding in Sankt Peterburg Plovdiv Inanna wedding agencyService: Inanna rating 10+/10 – From the moment the couple selected Sankt Peterburg as their wedding venue, my communication flow with the restaurant was impeccable. They provided all the needed information like menus and floor plan, promptly and professionally. On the wedding day, the restaurant manager was very swift with the preparation of the welcome drink and all the details. The waiting service was outstanding.

Food quality: Inanna rating 8/10 – The classic Shopska salad and a pepper stuffed with egg and chees were followed by a delicious pork main meal.  The wedding cake, created by the restaurant confectioners looked amazing and tasted even better.

Quality / quantity / price ratio: Inanna rating 10/10 – If the other restaurants in Plovdiv are at least half as caring, dedicated, and experienced in a wedding celebration preparation, the Plovdiv newlyweds are in very good hands. Did I mention the significant discounts the hotel provided for wedding guests accommodation?

Total Inanna rating – 45+/50

Would we choose Sankt Peterburg for our wedding?

  • She – Yes 
  • He –  Definitely Yes

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