Wedding restaurants: Galant

28 October 2013

Ресторант за сватби Галант Панчарево сватбена агенция ИнаннаBuilding on the most popular wedding series among our followers and friends and after the review of park hotel Berlin, restaurant Bulgariarestaurant Panorama in park hotel Moskvarestaurant Carsko selo, and restaurant Metropolitan, we present you restaurant Galant, near Pancharevo. We were a bit surprised by the venue selection of our customers who had quite a incompatible requirements, but we approached the situation with an open mind.

♥  Location: Inanna rating 6/10: the restaurant is definitely a logistical challenge. You should allow for at least an hour for all the guests to travel from the most popular churches and ceremony houses. But then, there are no neighbors and not many other guests of the hotel in weekends, which kind of compensates the not-so-central location.

♥ Interior: Inanna rating 7/10: suitable for up to 60 guests; the restaurant is relatively spacy, a little long and narrow, but with high ceiling. There is also a garden, which can accommodate both a clerical (we had a catholic priest coming over and marrying the couple) and a secular ceremony. The garden is lovely, although if can use a little refreshment. A major drawback is the poor ventilation, which is partially offset by the two balconies with large doors, which when open, make a nice air flow and cool off the heated wedding guests.

ресторант за сватба Галант Панчарево сватбена агенция Инанна♥ Service: Inanna rating 9/10: Dimitar Dimitrov, the restaurant manager, is very helpful and made everybody feel very comfortable. At first, I was somewhat worried how two waiters would handle a welcome drink in the garden, the dinner in the main hall and the guest service. The end result was an almost impeccable service. Our friend the wedding photographer Niki Mitev would have been very pleased by the services provided to the vendors table.

♥ Food quality: Inanna rating 9/10: The chefs definitely did provide that special ingredient, which makes the food really tasty. The portions were big and very tasty. Much more pretentions restaurants would have envied the final product we enjoyed at Galant.

♥ Quality / quantity / price ratio: Inanna rating 9/10: Despite my initial reservations, restaurant Galant provided its guests a close-to 5 stars experience. This, combined with the reasonable prices, good service, and warm attitude deserves this high Inanna rating.

Total Inanna rating – 40/50

Would we choose the restaurant of hotel Galant for our wedding?

  • She – Yes (provided we could have limited the guest list to 60 people)
  • He – Yes

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