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Zori and Karan – Karan is from India, Zori – from Bulgaria and we live in Singapore. We both love spending time in Bulgaria and since the majority of our guests had never visited our beautiful country before, we thought a wedding would be a good excuse to invite them to Sofia.

Due to our busy jobs, we had little time, at the same time our requirements were many. We wanted a 3-day event, we had very specific ideas for each evening – e.g. ceremonies led by our families, buffet dinners, specific music and entertainment, etc.

After a quick online search, we came across Innana’s website, arranged a Skype call with Georgi and didn’t look further. Working with Georgi was the best decision we took as a soon to be married couple! What could have potentially been a few stressful months of planning turned out to be a fun experience leading up to the best three days of our lives! From recommending different options for venues, catering, decorators, photographers, etc. to arranging babysitters and shopping for the fabrics for the bride’s dress: there was nothing Georgi couldn’t do. He was patient, understanding and good humored. Importantly – he had been there, done that. Even if we were in Sofia and had the time to organise the wedding ourselves, we would simply have never known what to watch out for, what works, what could go wrong – having a professional help us made all the difference. After the wedding, a lot of our guests reached out to thank for the perfect organisation and mentioned how helpful and nice Georgi had been to each one of them.

Georgi, thank you for everything! We really appreciate the fact you went out of your way countless times and ensured that our guests and we are the happiest wedding party ever. Hoping to stay in touch.

Jenya Alex and Joro Inanna Wedding AgencyZhenya and Alex – Alex and I live in Israel, however when we have started to discuss our future wedding we decided we want to make it special by doing it abroad. We have some family friends living in Bulgaria, so on one of our wedding talks, they asked us – “ Why won’t you do it here in Sofia?” and this is how our wedding journey started. We began searching for wedding agencies online for in Sofia, scheduled some meetings with wedding planners, booked us 2 tickets to Sofia and went to meet them – this is how we met Joro from Inanna. Joro was the most professional, kind and pleasant wedding planner we have met throughout that period. His English was excellent so that we did not have any language barrier problems whatsoever (and when we forgot some words, we found out that there are a lot of similarities between Bulgarian and Russian).

From all the offers we received, his offer was the most adequate and detailed one, showing us we were indeed dealing with an experienced person. Now, you have to understand that from the point we chose our wedding planner – our great plan ended. We were totally clueless about venues, decorators, photographers, hairdressers etc., because this is not our native country. Luckily, Joro stood up, got us organized with even the tiniest detail and the result was the best wedding we could have imagined ourselves! The best cure for wedding stress? Joro! Beside our excitement about the day, all stressful details have just passed us by. We were having regular weekly meetings on Skype, in which Joro was constantly updated us with the wedding planning and the progress. We have received a great variety of recommended venues, photographers, videographers, DJs, bakeries and so on. All we needed to do is to choose someone from the list.

During all those days that our guests and we stayed in Sofia, Joro was always close to us. He was always busy checking whether everything is working as planned, coordinating the different vendors and locations and making sure we were satisfied with everything. It was so unbelievably amazing to see all of our dreams were coming true and some things even turning out to be better than we have expected.

In summary, I would like to say that our wedding was one of the most exciting and amazing experiences we and our guests have ever had and all of this is thanks to Joro! Joro – You are the best!

Том и Анна сватбена агенция Инанна

Anna and Tom – We decided to get married in Bulgaria firstly because Anna is Bulgarian but also because we had been to weddings of friends in lots of different countries and had really enjoyed the cultural experience and excuse for a holiday. So a huge factor in choices we made was to make sure it was a fun and interesting experience for all our guests, Bulgarians and visitors to Bulgaria.

Our decision to have a wedding planner was related to wanting to have more than one venue and also having the main evening reception in the central military club in Sofia, which is essentially a beautiful empty room which you need to bring all the details into. We contacted four different wedding planning agencies and asked for offers. One of our key requirements was good English, as I (Anna) didn’t want to be translating everything all the time. The offer received from Joro from Inanna stood out from the rest.  It was the most comprehensive and professional and in excellent English.

Joro, throughout the process achieved an excellent balance of voicing his opinions and questioning our more wacky ideas but also accepting choices we made that he did not necessarily agree with e.g. not having a wedding dj. His recommendations for photographer and videographer were excellent! He also guided us onto the right order to do things in and arranging items in good time. On the actual day, it really did feel like Joro was everywhere and he did work very hard.  For example, we ran out of white wine and he sorted it out without anyone even noticing the problem.

We really enjoyed the whole process, genuinely, we did not find it stressful as a while. This was in huge part thanks to Joro. We really recommend Inanna and wish everyone planning their wedding a really fun time!

Ели и Слави сватбена агенция ИнаннаEllie & Slavi – Slavi proposed on May-29th 2013 and we planned to take it slowly, until one night, several days later, we decided to make an unofficial guests list. And so, the wedding preparation started. The next step was to find wedding agents in Sofia who can organize the event locally, because we live in London for years.

I spent a couple of days researching on the net and I liked Inanna. On a July morning and on my way to work I called Tedy and talked to her briefly about my expectations and at the end of the call – I was quite sure we would be working together. We had a longer conversation on skype, followed by a detailed offer, which perfectly fit our requirements. This is how we started our joint wedding journey.

The first task on the list was venue selection. We reviewed lots of restaurants in different places in Bulgaria, as we wanted something really fascinating. At the end, we chose the breathtaking Riu Pravets. Boyana, the hotel event manager and Joro, who represented our interests, did a great job preparing our wedding day.

Naturally, we’ve had our differences, as I am quite demanding and impatient and sometimes wanted things to have happened yesterday. Jore – I hope you can forgive me J (Joro – it’s all forgiven) Turned out, I never needed to worry, as all wedding organization aspects were impeccable. Trust me, selecting Inanna to organize our wedding, was the most important we have made. Everything we wanted, they made it happen. If something didn’t quite turn the way we planned, Joro always managed to find a solution or an adequate alternative. Tedy helped us a lot with the selection of the decoration vendor and all the choices and correspondence that followed. The final result as you can see, was delighful.

Our advice to all future brides and grooms – trust Joro & Tedy with the organization of the most important event in your lives, you will be grateful you did.

Tedy, Joro – we would like to wholeheartedly thank you for the excellent wedding organization, for the wonderful wedding day, and for facing all difficulties with a smile.

Ели и Стефан сватба на хижа Ястребец сватбена агенция Инанна

Eli & Stefan Our choice to work with Inanna wedding agency for the overall wedding preparation and organization was the best wedding choice we made. All other choices naturally followed this one and the wedding event was a fabulous experience, for which we have a lifetime to thank Tedy and Joro.

The main challenge for our work together was the long-distance communication flow. As we live and work in the US, it was really important for us to communicate regularly via email and to conduct Skype sessions in pre-defined times. Joro repeatedly exceeded our expectations and was flexible and creative when it came to communication methods – on top of the comprehensive emails and the scheduled Skype meetings, he was always available for a quick Viber coordination. When Stefan went to Bulgaria for 1-2, Joro used this time as efficiently as possible with preliminary planned meetings and objectives. We didn’t have much time for coordination even in the wedding week, but we didn’t in any way feel the difficulties and challenges Tedy and Joro might have had.

Regarding planning, Tedy and Joro impressed us on our first “meeting” with their friendly approach and their willingness to take even the vaguest tasks around our wedding. The one thing we were certain about is that we would like our official ceremony to be held on the top of the mountain – and Borovets (the Yastrebets peak) was our primary candidate, and we didn’t even know whether this idea is doable and logistically possible. Joro did a very efficient and professional job with the negotiations re: hotel Yastrebets, the hut Yastrebets, the transportation for the foreign guests, and the lift arrangements. An additional challenge was the surprise crafted by Stefan’s dad (live jazz orchestra to play at the ceremony), for which Joro assumed the complete coordination and transport organization (not to mention the secret keeping from the curious and controlling brideJ).

Throughout the entire organization and planning phase, Tedy followed the budget and and the vendor selection schedule. The Excel table, which she put together served not only as an intuitive cost tracker, but also as a handy way to monitor guests RSVPs. The recommendations for all vendors were compliant with our requirements and even the last-minute changes and additions were handled by Joro.

All wedding logistics were planned for so well, that in the wedding day all we had to do was relax and enjoy the wonderful celebration.  Joro was at the center of all activities and coordinated all details competently and professionally. The hardest part turned out to be for the bride to believe that all of this is really happening – not only according to plan, but exceeding all expectations built up during the organization process.

Thank you Tedy and Joro for making our special day so smooth and unforgettable! Good luck!

Сандра и Мишо сватбена агенция ИнаннаSandra & Misho – We were very busy and we definitely needed someone to help us with the organization of our wedding event. Fortunately, we found the best wedding planner.

Thank you (Joro) for helping us with every little wedding detail. Thank you for the time you spent with DJs, hotels, photographers, and decorators and assisting us in choosing the best ones. We really appreciate your organization skills, advices, and constant enthusiasm. Least but not least, special thanks for your support on the wedding day and for taking care of everything going the way we hoped and planned. You were always at the right place at the right time and you took care about every detail of the wedding scenario – ceremonies, vendors’ coordination, guests seating, etc. The wedding was perfect (except for the Chinese J)*

* A group of Chinese tourists had arrived at the hotel right after the wedding celebration had started. They were very impressed by the wedding party and started taking pictures in front of the restaurant. And yes, they were very funny.

Sophie & Juraj – After a period of few months from the day when Juraj and I got engaged, during which I was still under the romantic spell of his proposal in front of all our friends and quite a few visitors of the restaurant where we had first met, around mid March 2013, we decided to start actively planning our wedding event for September.

As Juraj is Slovak and I am Bulgarian, both living a happy life in Malta, we had plenty of options for a wedding place. For one reason or another, Malta got excluded from the choices so the ones that remained were Slovakia (in Bratislava) and Bulgaria (in my home town Plovdiv). It was clear that we would have to use the services of a wedding agency either in Bulgaria or Slovakia so we decided to contact a few ones in our countries, gather their offers and compare the parameters of these offers. And only then make a conscious decision.

Juraj wrote to four or five agencies in Slovakia. I contacted only one, from Sofia at that – its name was Inanna which web page I had come across several weeks before. As I don’t believe in coincidences, I knew this was not a mere chance but a sign marking the path of an Universal plan for us, so I felt (in my guts) that if for whatever reason I don’t work with Inanna for our wedding, I wouldn’t insist on it taking place in Bulgaria. I did not need a Plan B, as I wanted Plan A to happen. All wedding agencies replied to us very swiftly, sent us beautifully looking detailed offers. But what grabbed me was that only Teddy from Inanna insisted on us having a personal contact (in our case a Skype call) as she wanted us to get to know each other before starting working together.

Eventually, Juraj and I chose Plovdiv, Bulgaria as the place for our wedding on 7th September 2013 and, logically, Inanna as our wedding agency.

Inanna, namely Teddy and Joro, and I exchanged thousands of emails. We also had long discussions on important topics over the phone or Skype. If I have to be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to receiving the next correspondence from them, even though it meant more work and decision making time for me (us), as their emails were structured and full of useful information and guiding tips, presented in a positive, witty, charming and friendly way. They were gently pushy when we had to make quick decisions and were leaving us take a breath before approaching us with the next task from the wedding organization plan.

They knew exactly what, when, how and how quickly a task should be handled.

Their choices of potential suppliers for the different services like venues for the wedding, printing agencies for the invitations, decorators, photographers, DJs, car companies etc. were so precisely done so that making a choice for us was so easy.

They guided us whenever they would feel us insecure of what should be of top priority for the decision making process and incited us to follow our own imagination, instincts and desires at other times.

They were so flexible when meeting the challenges along the way, as we can tell, the challenges were numerous, and they lost neither control nor good humour, no matter how much ‘Catch 22’ the situation looked like.

We trusted them completely.

The presence of Joro on our wedding day was the biggest present that Juraj and I made to ourselves. He was extremely calm, always smiling, in control of every detail even the tiniest, never losing us – the bride and groom, the maid of honour and the best man – out of sight and guiding us with agility from ritual to ritual, he was merrily mingling with the guests, while remaining highly professional and supervising strictly the wedding organization. He was our guarding angel and we are not exaggerating when saying this.

As I told Joro at the end of our extremely emotional and happy wedding party, he created a new slang on wedding matters – ‘Joro it’ instead of ‘Google it’.

It was a pleasure and honour to work with Teddy and Joro from Inanna. Juraj and I send them our deep gratitude and huge respect. Useless to say that we are already spreading the word in three countries – Bulgaria, Slovakia and Malta – of how amazing Teddy and Joro from Inanna are – both as professionals and persons.

Thank you, Inanna! Thank you, Teddy and Joro!

Deni & Stefan – When we started planning our wedding, it seemed important for us to participate in the organization of every little detail of this special day. The actual wedding passes like a moment and the planning and organization before that make the entire experience more complete. Having said that, if somebody had asked me then whether I was willing to use the services of a wedding agent when I got engaged, my answer would have been – absolutely not. On top of wanting to experience everything wedding related, I had managed event organization as part of my job description for quite some time and I had personal non-pleasant experience with delegation. This was another point that I considered as a con when deciding on whether to use a wedding agency or not.

Besides the above concerns, when we started to plan the big day, I had to reconsider the situation:

 Both my fiancé and I are full time working professionals and as such our calendars are quite busy;

 I definitely didn’t want to turn into a nervous bride and to be more concerned about planning details than to enjoy my special day;

 I am not a fan of spending time in wedding forums while trying to make my wedding choices. I prefer to take a look at several proven options, to make a decision and move forward

 We knew we were going to make non-standard decisions and that’s why we needed partners who could offer us a more tailored solution, especially when it came to wedding invites, decoration, wedding dress, etc.

 Last but not least, we knew Tedy & Joro before we decided to work with them, trusted them completely and were sure that Joro would be able to perfectly coordinate the wedding activities and Tedy is not only a wedding planner, but also one of the best project managers we know.

This is how our partnership with Inanna started. The result of this partnership was that, together, we made our dream wedding come true!

How did this happen? We started by meeting them for dinner and discussing the numerous wedding planning To Dos. The result of this meeting was a neat Excel plan, which we strictly followed and updated. In combination with the plan, I realized I could count on Tedy & Joro’s proactive attitude – for the first time, I worked with partners whom I didn’t need to remind of tasks and timelines.

We have entrusted Inanna with some crucial organization points and we continued to own others and I especially liked the fact that this distribution of responsibilities was very flexible. Even though the wedding invites was in our to-do list at first, Tedy and Joro got in touch with a terrific graphic designer and coordinated the realization of our invites idea with him, the text, and the printing job.

One of the most precious parts of their help was the coordination on the wedding day. We knew that Joro is in control of all the vendors and all the details and we managed to relax and to actually enjoy the day.

Our advice to all future brides and grooms – if you would like to be a part of the wedding organization, take on some of the points – there are so many, but also trust Inanna wedding agency with the rest of the organizational perspectives, loosen up on the desire to control everything, and enjoy your special day.

Tedy & Joro – we would like to once again thank you for your support and professionalism in the organization and coordination of our dream wedding!


Cveti & Svetlio  – I always knew that when I get married, I will have a wedding agent – just like in the movies. When I got engaged, however, I decided that I would like to have control over all the wedding details. With the wedding day approaching, my fiancé and I realized that we won’t be able to spend as much time as we wanted and decided to hire a professional to help us.

It’s really very easy to choose Inanna over all the other wedding agencies in Sofia, especially when you have a clear idea about what you want – planning, organization, and vendor selection based on pre-approved criteria, and not only decoration or forced vendor choices, because they are one team.

Thank you, Tedy and Joro for your positive and intelligent approach towards our requirements and your planning and organization activities. Thank you for your professionalism and patience! Thank you, Joro for the perfect coordination and organization during the wedding day! You managed to always think one step ahead and address our concerns even before we realized we had them.

We wish Inanna lots of inspiration, many weddings, and countless champagne glasses! Sveltio and I are secretly jealous of the great profession you have chosen – to help people get married and to experience these wonderful emotions over and over again.

And a note to you, future brides and grooms: you will get to experience the wedding planning emotions with a wedding agency, because you will have to review and approve every detail. Hiring a professional will only make the experience more pleasant and structured. We wouldn’t have done it without Tedy and Joro.

Just like in the movies!

-Cvetelina & Svetlin

Marina & Mitko

Planning a wedding can be a stressful process, with hundreds of little decisions to make and details to keep straight. Whether you need a comprehensive wedding planner or just help keeping the budget into shape, better trust a professional. When you make the right choice regarding your wedding planner, you can sit back, relax, and let the wedding bells ring, knowing no detail has gotten lost in the shuffle.

Thank you Joro & Tedy for being part of our wedding. You have been such an amazing support. You kept us on track in the lead up to the wedding, introduced us to some great suppliers. Special thanks to Joro for working incredibly hard on The Day and letting us enjoy our big event.

We would sincerely like to recommend Inanna wedding agency to all future brides and grooms!

-Marina and Mitko

Svetla & Georgi

I am a busy professional and I believe in the division of labor. The idea that every person should do whatever he/she is best at has always been my guiding life principle.   So, when I decided it was time to start planning our wedding, I decided that I would let a professional do it. My main sources of information are my friends and the Internet. After it turned out that my friends don’t have any wedding agents’ leads for me, I spent 2 hours researching wedding planners on the Internet. I ruled out the wedding forums as credible sources of information, because I didn’t know the people recommending and assessing and decided I can’t trust their judgment. And if a wedding agency can’t present its services online, how can I expect that the agents would be able to do a decent job? This is how I ended up on the website of Inanna wedding agency.

I instantly liked Tedy’s story about how she ended up creating her own wedding agency and how she perceives her work. The second good sign was the prompt answer to my initial information request. Our first meeting was a surprise as well. Tedy has brought her laptop and started asking specific questions – for most of which I didn’t even have a clue, she listened carefully to what I had to say and suggested approaches and alternatives. Our working relations went on like that since the first meeting, because on the following day I had already decided that my intuition and personal impressions are positive enough to choose Inanna.

Then, the entire wedding organization happened naturally. Along the organization process, we had feeling that they completed all the tasks as if they were organizing their own wedding. There was a task list and a project plan, which guided us to every decision. Tedy prepared and sent lists with options for all choices we had to make. We chose the ones whom we would like to meet and Tedy and Joro scheduled the vendor meetings on our time preferences and joined us when we needed their advice. For each choice, they always provided their opinion and recommendations. And here comes the time to introduce Joro to the wedding organization picture. Joro is the man who implemented all our ideas and choices – from the initial vendor communication through negotiations of price and conditions to purchasing and delivering.

Actually, the unique combination of Tedy’s planning skills and Joro’s communication and organization qualities make them such a productive and fun team.

I sincerely recommend them to other couples and I am sure that working with Tedy and Joro will be a pleasure for them as it has been for us.  I wish the Inanna team best of luck and hope that they start doing other projects together as it will be a shame if this great synergy is not fully utilized.


Zornitsa & Jason

It’s difficult to organize a wedding overseas. The only thing we knew upfront was that we would like to have the reception at the restaurant where Zory’s parents got married, so we booked it for our date. We weren’t sure about the next steps and talked to Teodora and Georgi. They helped us a lot with the organization – we discussed our preferences about each part of the wedding day, i.e. what type of church do we want, they presented choices, we selected together and one of them went to book the selected piece.

We hired a decorator and we discussed and chose the theme, the colors, and flowers and other details together. They created a project plan based on the wedding day and we discussed the completed tasks and the progress on all our Skype calls. The budget was our main tool when planning the wedding finances. We would like to take this opportunity and thank the Inanna wedding agents. Thanks to their efforts and commitment, the wedding organization was smooth and pleasant and we had a magical wedding day.


Assya & Ilian

We live in Canada and we wanted to get married in Bulgaria as our families and most of our friends live there. When we started the project, we didn’t have a clue what we were getting into. We are long-time friends with Tedy and when she heard about our wedding organization difficulties, she offered to help us.  The beginning wasn’t very promising as we contacted several wedding agencies in Varna in the hope that they would take on at least some of the tasks and complete them locally, but they didn’t offer what we were looking for. At the end of the day, we organized the wedding from Sofia. We selected a decorator together, Ilian’s mom booked a restaurant and a church and Tedy and Joro took care about all the other details.

We created an action plan at the beginning, which we discussed over Skype and modified several times, mainly due to our negative experiences with the Varna wedding agencies. The plan was our main organizational instrument. The budget and the task list, which Tedy created and maintained during the planning phase, were very helpful as well.

We would like to thank Joro and Tedy and we highly recommend them to any couple in need of wedding agents who listen and make things happen.

– Assya & Ilian

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