Teodora & Georgi

Who – Teodora & Georgi

When – September-13th

Where –  Sofia, restaurant Diana with official ceremony held in the garden, church “Sv. Sedmochislenici”

Main Challenges

  • Very little time for organization – 3 months between engagement and wedding day
  • Unclear requirements – the bride didn’t have a clear idea about her looks, the bride and the groom didn’t know whether they would like video-operator (which they chose to have and regretted it), and the wedding rings were a mystery as well.
  • Loss of time and energy to find a suitable wedding agent and a final unfortunate choice.

How we solved them

  • Focus on the main organization elements: restaurant, church and ceremony.
  • Task prioritization and securing help from relatives and friends
    • The mother of the bride was responsible for providing the ceremonial breads
    • The sister of the bride, Stela, and part of the current Inanna team took over all the design-related tasks – decoration colors, decorator selection and hairdos.
    • The groom, Joro, and part of the current Inanna team coordinated the preparation the graphic design and print for the labels of the wedding rakia and wine
    • The bride, Tedym and part of the current Inanna team has created a project plan for the wedding event, a budget, which they controlled together with the groom and the organization of all the small details as table cards, guests table distribution, wedding favors, etc.
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