Stela & Valentin

Who – Stela & Valentin

When– August-28th 2010

Where – Sofia, restaurant Bulgaria, with ceremony in the restaurant and church “Sv. Sedmochislenici”

Main Challenges

  • The bride is very picky regarding the wedding gown
  • DJ selection
  • Alcohol for the restaurant
  • Theme and colors selection
  • Expenses control
  • Overall project coordination

How we solved them

  • Wedding gown selection at the very beginning of the wedding organization, including plenty of magazines and shop browsing.
  • Meeting with several DJs recommended by other newlyweds.
  • Coordination of the design preparation by an ad agency of the wedding rakia bottle labels.
  • Excellent choice of a wedding decorator, recommended by a bride who has used her services. Main colors selection after discussion and recommendations by the decorator.
  • Budget preparation with target amount; strict expense control during the wedding organization phase.
  • Overall project coordination by Tedy and the bride.

Wedding decoration

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