Rozi & Joro

Who – Rozi & Joro

When – 31 August 2013

Where – church “Sv. Pantaleimon”, Ribaritsa, official ritual and wedding celebration in the garden of hotel Sv. Ekaterina.

Main Challenges

  • Plans for an outdoors summer wedding with requirements for logistics organization.
  • DJ had to be selected for a very short time, had to be free for the specific date, and to be able to travel with equipment.
  • Bride and groom working full time.
  • Pre-established wedding budget.
  • Coordination of all vendors – both those recommended by Inanna and those selected by the bride and groom, during the wedding day.

How we solved them

  • Detailed project plan and budget, which we followed closely.
  • Vendors’ lists, which included strengths and weaknesses. Personal meetings arranged after initial selection on the suggested vendors.
  • Meetings preparation and execution in convenient times for the bride and groom – usually during evenings or weekends.
  • Review and present DJ options several weeks before the wedding, negotiations.
  • Detailed wedding day scenario, meeting with all the vendors and reviewing the scenario with them.

Wedding decoration

  • The unique decoration is made by Manghee
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