About us

My name is Teodora. I have graduated the American University in Bulgaria with majors Economics and Business Administration and I have an MBA with a focus on Marketing. An economist by education, a project manager by trade, and a psychologist and chocolate lover – by choice.

I will listen carefully to your expectations about the wedding. I will create a project plan for the event and I will make sure every task is accomplished as planned, irrespective of the owner. I will put together a budget and will run it as if it were my money I am spending. Depending on your preferences and finances, I will select and offer vendors for the different parts of the wedding.

I am Georgi – Teodora’s husband. I have graduated the French language school in Varna and I am a Master of Political Science from the Sofia University. I am a doer, a cook, and a restaurant lover. Whatever you have planned with Tedy, I will make sure happens to the smallest detail. I will join you when you meet with your chosen vendors, will consult and negotiate. I will purchase the rings you have selected, will take care of the alcohol and the soft drinks on the wedding day and will make friends with the marketing department of the hotel you will accommodate your guests and will secure the best possible price.

I would gladly talk about your wedding at any time of the day. If you need a wedding consultant on the wedding day, I will follow the predefined scenario and will make sure everything goes according to plan.